RADM, John G. Crommelin,Jr., U.S.N., 1902-96
CMDR. Charles L. Crommelin,U.S.N.,1909-45
CMDR. Richard G. Crommelin,U.S.N., 1917-45
CAPT. Quentin C. Crommelin,U.S.N.,1918-97
Born of a pioneer Alabama family in Montgomery and Wetumpka, they were the only five brothers to graduate from the US Naval Academy. Four of them became aviators.They individually and as a fighting family, gained fame in WWII, attaining outstanding combat records and multiple decorations. Richard and Charles died in combat,John and Quentin continued distinguished naval careers until retirement.Several books have been written about them.In 1981 the Navy launched the U.S.S. Cromellin (FFG37)in honor of the four aviators and the brother,VADM Henry Crommelin.
Inducted into the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame in 1999.